The Importance Of Disinfecting Air Conditioning Ducts:

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When ventilation ducts are not cleaned regularly and correctly, they can accumulate all kinds of microorganisms and bacteria that can be harmful to health. Having air conditioning in poor condition means the appearance of diseases related to fevers, headaches, allergies, etc., and one of the most worrying is legionellosis. As specialists in Legionella disinfection, at […]

Why Hire Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Also In Winter?

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The good hygienic state of the air conditioning and ventilation systems is always important, and not only in times of maximum activity. Also, in winter. And it is that air conditioning systems are an ideal focus for the proliferation and propagation of polluting agents. For this reason, cleaning air conditioning ducts has the objective of […]

Why Is It Important To Disinfect Ventilation Ducts?

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Did you know that ventilation ducts must be properly disinfected from time to time? If not done, they can pose a health hazard, as they accumulate all kinds of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that are transmitted into the air that we then inhale. As specialists in disinfection, our expert team at Quality Service 360, […]

Maintenance And Cleaning Of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems


The maintenance and Dryer Vent Cleaning systems in a building allow for the elimination of the gases that pass through the HVAC system and provide a constant flow of air rich in oxygen, comfortable and odorless for the occupants. However, its importance is explicit because some systems accumulate large amounts of debris or particles and […]

Benefits Of Choosing Us To Clean Your Company

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At Quality Service 360, we help you solve maintenance and air duct cleaning problems. In this way, you can adjust your time to deal with other issues that are more relevant to your business. Breathe fresh air that allows you to connect with better ideas, and promote order and progress. Since these are the requirements […]

Cleaning And Disinfection Of Air Ducts Avoid Sick Building Syndrome

According to studies by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is usually two to five times more polluted than that coming from outside, a fact that is certainly worrying since we usually see too much pollution in the street; caused by dust, smoke from vehicles and industries, among other elements. However, even if […]

Reasons To Choose Us As A Cleaning Company:


First of all, at Quality Service 360, our workers must enter areas that are difficult to access. Or at least stay in difficult positions. Our company promotes safety at work. This is achieved through the use of safety equipment. And to the constant training that we provide in terms of safety at the time of […]

The Important Role Of Air Conditioning Ducts:

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Today we want to talk to you about the benefits of Air duct cleaning. It is because the role that these systems play in our day-to-day life is, although we may not realize it, very important. As we already know, the function of air ducts in homes, offices, and shops are to maintain a comfortable atmosphere, without […]