What is UV Light

A UV light unit produces pure air naturally through the employment of the natural elements of UltraViolet light. UV Light has a particular frequency of light which is emitted by the sun at the violet end of the light spectrum.

Ultra Violet lamp has a natural ability to destroy certain micro-organisms.

Benefits of a UV Light Unit

  • It can destroy mold
  • It can destroy bacteria
  • It can destroy some other biological contaminants
  • It provides relief to patients of asthma
  • It costs only a few pennies a day to operate
  • It significantly improves the living environment at home
  • It cleanses the air at home without depending on the ozone
  • It makes use of extremely safe and environmentally friendly technologies to perform the above-mentioned operations

You may be surprised to know that:

  • Several tests performed have proven beyond doubt that Ultraviolet light units installed in the air supply of heating as well as cooling unitseliminates a high percentage of harmful bacterial from residential air
  • The U.S. government actually requires Ultravoilet light units above cooling coils in all government buildings in order to curb microbial growth.

UV Light is bad for Health: Truth or Myth?

A myth indeed! For decades UV light has been considered bad for health, but countless studies have proven that it has many positive applications if used in the right manner.
For instance:

  1. It is used in hospitals to sterilize tools and equipment
  2. It is employed to bring that much desired tan
  3. It is used successfully in the treatment of tuberculosis and psoriasis
  4. It is used as an active ingredient in pest control devices
  5. It is used to authenticate important documents like currency notes and passports
  6. It serves a variety of useful purposes in laboratories

So how could a UV light unit be bad for you or your environment when Ultra Violet light has so many benefits and positive applications?  Read more about UV LIght and how they work.

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