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Dryer Vent Cleaning Repair and Replacement

Are your clothes taking longer and longer to dry? Notice a musty smell after a drying cycle?

Then you need to clean your dryer vent! Call Quality Service 360 – the best commercial and residential dryer vent cleaning service in Greater Houston. Schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians today at (281)-391-1220!

How do I know when to clean my dryer vent?

Let’s answer that with a few questions! First, when was the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned? How much laundry do you do? Do you have animals who shed? As a general rule, most dryer vents should be cleaned once a year.

The warning signs that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned are any of the following:

  1. Your clothing takes longer to dry or is not dry after a normal drying cycle.
  2. You notice excessive heat in and around your dryer.
  3. Lint or debris has accumulated around the dryer hose or vent.
  4. A burning smell is coming from your dryer.
  5. Your dryer lint trap is full after just a load or two.

I keep reading dirty dryer vents can start fires. Is this true?

Yes, unfortunately, it is true. According to the National Fire Protection Association, residential washer and dryers are responsible for over 15,000 fires each year!

Here’s how it happens. First, your dryer vent becomes clogged with lint and other debris. This restricts airflow from the back of the dryer, preventing heat and moisture from discharging properly. This leads to more and more heat. Eventually, the heat creates a spark – and ignites the lint caught in your vent!

Are there any other benefits to cleaning my dryer vent?

Yes, there are! In addition to eliminating the fire hazard to keep your family safe, dirty dryer vents can cost you time and money. See, vents need to be free from obstruction in order to be efficient. When the debris is trapped in the dryer vent, it forces the dryer to work harder. Which means longer dry times and higher utility bills. It pays to clean your dryer vents!

Can I clean the dryer vent myself?

It depends. You can always buy a dryer vent cleaning kit, but cleaning the vent tubing can be difficult. If your vent tubing is long, you won’t be able to reach clogs or debris caught in the middle. And with ordinary vacuum cleaners, most people are unable to adequately clean the outer portion of their tubing. That’s why it’s best to leave dryer vent cleaning to the professionals. If you do attempt, please
disconnect the dryer in the laundry room for safety. For over a decade, Quality Service 360 has proudly served the homes and businesses of TX. Schedule an appointment today by calling (281)-391-1220!

Dryer Vent Repair

DID YOU KNOW: If you see lint around the back of your dryer, or if your dryer shuts off before the end of the cycle – your dryer vent may be broken?

That’s why we’re here. We’re Quality Service 360 – and for ten years we’ve proudly served the communities of Greater Houston. So whether you’re fixing a broken vent joint or need help repairing your vent line – call Quality Service 360 today at (281)-391-1220!

What is a dryer vent anyway?

Simply put, it is your dryer’s ventilation system, which connects your dryer to the outside of your home or business. When your dryer is finished with your clothes, the leftover hot air travels through your vent and is ejected outside.
Only about 70% of your dryer lint is actually caught by the lint filter. So when a broken part clogs your vent, the other 30% can create quite a problem!

What are the benefits of repairing my dryer vent?

Plenty! For one, you’d save a lot of money on utility costs. See, every time you run a broken dryer, it puts more and more pressure on the other parts of your machine. So the more you use your dryer, the greater the chance it may break. Since dryers are one of the most costly appliances in your home, you can save money simply by repairing the broken vent!

And then there are the health benefits of repairing your dryer vent, such as:
Reducing moisture. When your dryer loses its efficiency, your clothes retain moisture. And moisture produces mold, which can blow around your home – causing allergies or other health problems.
Reducing carbon monoxide. Yes, your dryer does produce gas. And if your dryer is leaking, guess where that carbon monoxide goes? You guessed it. It settles inside your home!
Reducing other toxic fumes. When heated up, dryer sheets and fabric softeners emit carcinogenic gases, like benzyl acetate. And if the seals around your dryer vent are leaky, these toxins can create a hazardous situation for you and your family.
Reduced risk of fire. Thousands of fires every year are attributed to clogged dryer vents. Make sure to service your dryer vent once a year to reduce your risk!
Call the Quality Service 360 professionals today at (281)-391-1220 – we are Greater Houston’s number one residential and commercial dryer vent repair service 

Dryer Vent Replacement and New Installation

Residential and Commercial Dryer Vent Replacement Services in Greater Houston

Have you bought a new dryer recently, but are still experiencing longer drying times? Clothes still damp even after a full cycle? That’s because the problem isn’t with your dryer – it’s with your dryer vent. Older dryer vents, or those clogged with lint and debris, weaken the dryer’s efficiency. Eventually, your dryer vent tears or breaks – and needs to be replaced!

Don’t waste money on extra gas or electric costs. Replace your damaged dryer vent. Call Quality Services 360 today at (281)-391-1220 to schedule to an appointment with one of our technicians

I can save money on utility bills? How much?

Yes. By replacing a faulty or leaky dryer vent, you can save on average about $18-24 dollars per month – maybe more. That’s over $250 per year!
Plus, you’ll save the clothes on your back. Literally. When a dryer vent stops working at its full potential – due to lint build-up or leaks in your tubing – it has to run longer and harder to dry the same amount of clothing.
And heat is notoriously bad for clothes; it tears them apart. Which is why replacing your broken dryer vent can also save you money on new clothing!

Can’t I just fix my current dryer vent?

That depends on the problem. Fortunately, Quality Services 360 is also one of the finest dryer vent repair companies in the Greater Houston area. So in order to assess the damage, one of our expert staff will personally come take a look. Call us today at (281)-391-1220!

Should I replace a plastic dryer vent?

Yes! Plastic hoses used to be acceptable for gas and electric dryers, but now they are officially banned – as they are responsible for many house fires. Electric dryer vents that do not meet UL 2158 standards, or gas dryers that do not meet ANSI Z21.5.1 (CGA 7.1) standards are dangerous. Make sure to replace your plastic dryer hose with an acceptable, semi-rigid metal hose.

What kinds of dryer vent products should I use?

It depends on your ventilation system. Typically, we recommend expendable or flexible layered aluminum ducting for residences. Rigid metal piping may work in some cases, depending on how long your dryer vent needs to be, and how your dryer sits within your building. But we’d have to see to know for sure!
Ready to make an appointment? Call Quality Services 360 at (281)-391-1220 to start saving hundreds of dollars per year on your utility bills!