At Quality Service 360, we have what is simply the most advanced air conditioning cleaning system in the sector. We combine pressurized air and a vacuum system that work together to suck, transfer and retain all the dirt in your air ducts.

Our high-power vacuum cleaners are capable of entering any type of ventilation system and going through it in its entirety. They also have a blade effect that scrapes any type of dirt adhering to the walls of the duct and traps even the smallest particles.

This cleaning system, as innovative as it is effective, works with two highly effective air circuits:

– A compressed air injection circuit through a rounded rubber-coated head. Not only is it capable of reaching any point in your air conditioning ducts, but it will also do so gently, without damaging your installation.

– A suction and dirt collection circuit with a power of up to 9 kW.

At Quality Service 360, we know of no other way of working than doing it with the best team and the best professionals, all at your disposal. We provide professional dryer vent installation and dryer vent cleaning. We don’t just want to tell you how we’ve cleaned your vents but offer you to see for yourself.

As part of all our ventilation air duct cleaning work, we will issue a report that will include a photographic report and a comparative microbiological analysis: you will see the level of microbial life in your ducts before and after the intervention.

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