When ventilation ducts are not cleaned regularly and correctly, they can accumulate all kinds of microorganisms and bacteria that can be harmful to health. Having air conditioning in poor condition means the appearance of diseases related to fevers, headaches, allergies, etc., and one of the most worrying is legionellosis.

As specialists in Legionella disinfection, at qualityservice360, we are aware of the damage that this bacterium can cause, which easily appears in neglected air conditioning systems.

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Hire professionals to disinfect air conditioning ducts:

Why is it important to hire professionals to disinfect ventilation ducts? It is necessary to take into account everything that affects the air quality inside buildings, and the deficiencies that may arise as a result of inadequate cleaning of the air conditioning system:

– Poor ventilation: the air is not filtered as it should by not carrying out proper cleaning and maintenance.

– Indoor contamination: work, people, the incorrect use of chemical products, or cross-contamination from other poorly ventilated areas, among other things.

– External pollution: gases from boilers, contaminated air that is discharged to the outside and re-enters through the air conditioning intakes, etc.

As a result of all this and the ignorance often of having to carry out professional maintenance of the air conditioning ducts, there are risks of infections or contagion by viruses, bacteria, and fungi such as Legionella.

Among the problems that we encounter most frequently at Quality Service 360, as professionals in the sector, are the following:

– Infections and infections of all kinds, especially in the elderly, children, and people with immunosuppression or asthmatics.

– Allergies: general malaise, headaches, sneezing, etc.

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