The good hygienic state of the air conditioning and ventilation systems is always important, and not only in times of maximum activity. Also, in winter. And it is that air conditioning systems are an ideal focus for the proliferation and propagation of polluting agents.

For this reason, cleaning air conditioning ducts has the objective of eliminating dust, microorganisms, dirt deposits, pollen (which also causes allergies in the colder months), and visible or invisible polluting particles. It also prevents blockages in the ducts and deterioration of the air conditioning and ventilation systems.

At qualityservice360, we tell you what real benefits it brings, and some compelling arguments for keeping air conditioning systems in perfect condition throughout the year.

Commitment to indoor environmental quality:

We spend between 60% and 80% of our time in closed spaces and in some cases poorly ventilated. The measurement of indoor air quality carried out by professionals tells you which specific pollutants must be dealt with and what is the most effective solution in each case to counteract the concentration of polluting agents that enter the airflow and are absorbed by the air conditioning systems to then recirculate again and again.

Take control of all risk factors for people’s health and implement solutions to improve indoor air quality in all types of public or private buildings, offices, and facilities for collective use.

Reduce costs with duct cleaning:

– The accumulation of dirt in the air ducts has direct consequences on the operation of the air conditioning systems.

– Debris, pollen, mold, dirt, or anything blocking airflow will damage the system and reduce performance.

– It achieves a significant improvement in the operational efficiency of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

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