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What do we do at Quality Service 360?

Quality Service 360 provides air duct cleaning and replacement services to the Clear Lake area. We are committed to serving our community in accordance with the highest quality standards of the industry. Air duct cleaning in our community is essential for a high quality life. While Clear Lake is committed to cleaning up pollution and poor air quality, it is still ranked on the top 10 list for United States cities with poor air quality. This affects resident’s health in multiple ways. According to the EPA, indoor air pollution can be between two to five times worse than outdoor air pollution. Air duct cleanings and replacements greatly improve indoor air quality which is what Quality Service 360 has
been doing in our community for over ten years.

When dirt and other particles build and cycle through the ventilation of a home or business, friends, family, and co-workers become exposed to microbial agents that undermine their health. Our services drastically lower indoor pollution keeping you and those closest safe and healthy. There have been numerous customers whom after having their air ducts cleaned and/or sealed have had major allergy problems and asthma triggers remedied.

Unrepaired or unclean air ducts costs residents steeply. Even half an inch of dust and debris build-up in an air duct system substantially increases utility costs. The negative financial impact on businesses, renters and homeowners amounts to 20-50% more per month on energy. The positive impact that clean and repaired air ducts have on health and income are monumental.

There are many benefits to cleaning and/or repairing air ducts systems. These benefits include health protection, preservation on your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system, boosted ventilation efficiency, and safeguards against future repairs. An increase in utility bills, mold in or around you ventilation system, and an air conditioner that constantly runs are all indicators of problems within an air duct system. If any of these problems are present don’t hesitate to call our expert technicians today at (281)-391-1220 to schedule an appointment.

Why do customers choose Quality Service 360?

With over ten years of experience in the field, we believe we are the best and most competent air duct cleaning company in Clear Lake. We have a strong reputation for consistently reliable, courteous, and affordable service. Quality air duct cleaning and repair services start with a proper, expert evaluation of an air duct system. The professionals at Quality Service 360 inspect and evaluate problems within the air duct system so that the most appropriate procedures are applied towards the underlying cause of the problem. We create a comprehensive solution that is tailor made for each specific customer. Our number one concern is that our customers are happy and healthy, and our company is committed to providing the quality service that will keep our customers satisfied.

Air Duct Repair

Damaged or degraded air ducts negatively affect the energy consumed and the efficiency of an HVAC unit. Leaky seals or broken pipes prevent hot or cold air from distributing evenly across a property forcing the air duct system to work less efficiently to circulate air into the indoor environment. When this occurs, cold and heat spots may be felt in the home or business and, with more energy being consumed, monthly utility bills with spike. This may be a first indication of a problem. Other indicators that an air ducts system needs repairs are cracks, tears, or gaps in ventilation ducts; mold and other foreign substances seen around vents; poor air duct or pipe alignment; unusual indoor humidity; and older age ducts. The excess energy consumption of air ducts in need of repair is costly both monetarily and to the environment. If any of these problems are identified call our expert technicians so that these valuable repairs can be made to the air duct system.

Air Duct Restoration

In some instances, restoration may be a viable solution for your HVAC duct problems. An air duct cleaning may be damaging or destructive in older ductwork that consists of certain materials such as fiberglass. Lack of adequate access for optimal cleaning is often a problem within older building structures. In such cases, air duct restoration is the best solution. Older air ducts require a specific, comprehensive analysis from a trained and experienced professional. Our technicians at Quality Service 360 have the expertise and knowledge to appropriately recommend whether an air duct restoration is needed.

Quality Service 360 is here to provide viable, specific solutions for a wide range of air duct issues. We specialize in full-scale residential and commercial restoration services in Clear Lake. Avoid unneeded damages and costly remodel repairs by entrusting Quality Service 360 to handle your air duct restoration or repair needs.

What is the difference between air duct repair and restoration?

Air duct restoration is involved in restoring and mending breaks and tears, applying sealant in and around your ducts and pipes, and improving the overall quality of an air duct system. Whereas, an air duct repair includes partial replacements of the air duct system, patching the ducts or re-adjusting loose components.

What is the process of air duct system restoration?

We start with the most essential element of a proper air duct restoration which is an expert assessment. This includes a detailed evaluation of your air duct system and discussion of restorative measures which should be taken. Removal of debris, grime, dust, mold, toxins, and pollutants from your supply, exhaust, and return ducts will be performed during the air duct restoration process. Then we will mend the breaks and damaged areas of an air duct system. These affected areas may include damaged connections or tears in metal pipes where leaks will be effectively sealed. The sealant products we use are eco-friendly and high quality ensuring that air ducts are sealed airtight.

What are some benefits of restoring my air ducts?

Air duct restoration improves the efficiency of HVAC systems which creates lower utility bills, reduces wear and tear on HVAC systems, improves indoor air quality, and raises property resale value. Cracked or leaky air duct pipes can add 20% or more to monthly utility bills. Having an air duct restoration helps to avoid potentially costly HVAC system repairs or replacement by creating an environment for the HVAC system to work more efficiently. Restoration will improve the indoor air quality so that toxins and irritants are no longer cycling through the ducts and out into immediate surroundings. Additionally, when selling your property, having restored air ducts added to a list of updates will positively impact resale value of a property.

What products does Quality Service 360 use for Air Duct restoration?

The outstanding Foster® product line of surface coatings and accessory products are designed for long-term protection against mold growth and the re-growth on their surfaces. These products are used on a variety of different materials, such as walls, ceilings, pipes, and interior/exterior surfaces of air duct systems to promote and maintain excellent indoor air quality (IAQ). Foster® IAQ products have proven to be effective through extensive ASTM D-5590 testing. This industry wide testing evaluates material resistance to fungal attacks. These products have been trusted with proven quality in even in the worst-case of scenarios. 

Commercial air duct repair in the Clear Lake area

We serve a wide variety of commercial buildings. Restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, and others come to us when in need of quality air duct evaluation and repairs. We provide the latest technology to perform efficient work. We have regularly scheduled maintenance plans that ensure that business’ air duct system’s runs smoothly and keep everyone inside safe.

Air Duct Replacement and New Installation

If air ducts are over 15 years old, replacement of current ducts may be needed. We thoroughly inspect the air ducts so that appropriate recommendations on needed work and pricing are given to our customers. Only a professional’s expertise should determine whether or not new air ducts are a viable solution. That is why it’s so important to choose a company such as Quality Service 360 that values high quality, honest, and reliable service. Overly damaged moldy ducts or pipes, water leaks from your air duct system, high utility bills or uneven air distribution are all signs that an air duct replacement is needed.  

Installing new air ducts is important in delivering the highest air quality to various parts of a property. When a thermostat is adjusted for cold or heat, a certain amount of air should be received based on the rated capacity of the HVAC system. Often, we find that the full amount of air output capacity of the ducts is not met in spite of its ability. This usually means that the air ducts are too small, have a leak, are not fitted properly, or have been installed improperly by previous installers. 

If an air duct system is leaky, faulty, or corroded, installing new ducts can instantly improve quality of life by alleviating high utility bills and environmental damage through energy retention, offsetting future energy costs, and improving health through improved indoor air quality. Our customers only deserve the highest quality of service and the professionals at Quality Service 360 are dedicated to delivering that much needed service. Ready to schedule an appointment with one of our air duct experts? Call Quality Service 360 today at (281)-391-1220!