Air conditioning is our great ally if we spend the summer in the city, especially if we are at home or working in the office. Air Duct Cleaning Houston is key to keeping air conditioning systems in optimal condition. The reason is simple: it allows us to extend the life of the equipment, save energy and prevent the air from being in poor condition.

Sick Building Syndrome:

We take care of maintaining environmental quality control to avoid possible problems with air quality. Do you know the sick building syndrome? This is caused by the poor quality of the environment in places such as buildings, which is caused by poor ventilation or the emergence of polluting elements such as mites, fungi, or bacteria.

However, not only do large buildings need a revision or Dryer Vent Cleaning Service of the air conditioning but in domestic environments, the cleaning of air conditioning ducts is also essential. We offer the most professional and specialized service for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting air conditioning systems in all types of facilities, commercial, industrial and domestic.

The action plan we carry out is as follows:

– Installation study.

– Determination of the problem.

– We prepare the budget and the protocol.

– We carry out the audit. After it we can determine how the results have been, that is, correct or poor.

– We create the cleaning and maintenance proposal.

The indoor air quality of buildings is one of the basic factors for the comfort and health of the people who inhabit these spaces. Multiple factors can cause discomfort or illness in people caused by an inadequate quality of the air we breathe.

All in all, the most important thing is safety. In our cleaning processes, we use products such as virucidal, bactericidal, microbactericidal, fungicidal, and sporicidal based on a multi-component system that acts on microorganisms by activating their nucleic acids.

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