Does your home need an Air Conditioning Unit Cleaning?
Air Conditioning Units accumulate huge amounts of dust, debris, bacteria, fungi and mold over time and hence it’s necessary to get them cleaned REGULARLY.

20-30% of Energy Used for Heating or Cooling is WASTED – Energy

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Benefits of Air Conditioning Unit Cleaning

There are several benefits of air conditioning unit cleaning

      • Energy Savings
        Contaminants, dust and debris stuck in the air conditioning unit make its job of cooling the house or office harder. This means MORE ENERGY is spent to do the very same job which means MORE SPENDING on energy is to happen. You can make HUGE SAVINGS on energy bills and restore peak energy efficiency if you hire a professional air conditioning unit cleaning company. Remember, just cleaning the air filters won’t get the full job done. You need a professional to carry out thorough cleaning.
      • Improve your Health
        If you have allergies, sneezing, or feeling ill, it may be a sign that your air ducts have problems.   Mold, mildew, excessive dust is also a sign of air duct problems.    And of course, bad smells may mean you have a critter or something that is living or dead in your air ducts.   Cleaning your air ducts and changing your filters regularly is one of the ways you can keeping the air quality in you household safe.

It is necessary get all these parts cleaned on a regular basis so as to have a more durable and more efficient air conditioning unit; it will also get you savings on energy bills and improve the air quality of your indoor environment.

Quality Services 360 provides the best air conditioning unit cleaning services in Houston!  Our professional technicians are experienced with most air conditioning units and have encountered many issues and situations.   For efficient inspection and cleaning services of all types of Air Conditioning Units in Houston, contact Quality Services 360 or call us at (281)-391-1220.